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The Marxist symbol representing the factory workers, the sickle representing the farmers. Together they represent the uninted Proletariat.

This has now become corrupted by greedy tyrants such as Stalin and mao, to be a symbol of corrupt, totalitarian "Communist" dictatorships.
by El_Haggis September 10, 2006
another word for penis, a very large penis
Good Morning guys my hammer is so big it cannot fit inside my pants
by ham dingler December 13, 2009
1. In the sport of curling, the right to throw the last stone/rock in an end. When speaking strategy, the word is often implied without being spoken.

2. A curling brush with a moveable head, popular in the 1990s.
Howard is up one with the hammer in the 8th End.
Jones blanked the end to maintain the hammer.
Would you rather be one up without or one down with? (meaning: ...ahead by one without the hammer...)
by jazzace September 13, 2009
A slang for people who cannot swim.
He's a hammer, so if we throw him into the sea, he'll drown.
by Cookieszzz January 24, 2009
A common greeting between males. Both parties make a fist and one will hit the bottom of his fist to the top of the others. After which, the action is reciprocated. Often chained with the Fist or Rootbeer
Hey what's up Rob (Hammer, Hammer Rootbeer)? Oh nothing, just unpacking this unbelievably awesome T-Molding. Zonino!!!!
by Noslot February 01, 2008
A dirty 12 to 6 curveball
The pitcher had the batter down 0-2 and dropped a hammer to strike him out
by BasebaII February 04, 2005
to fist someone forcefully against their will
Dude Justin just hammered marissa and kendal at the same time ese.
by uKNOWhowIdo January 21, 2010