The Marxist symbol representing the factory workers, the sickle representing the farmers. Together they represent the uninted Proletariat.

This has now become corrupted by greedy tyrants such as Stalin and mao, to be a symbol of corrupt, totalitarian "Communist" dictatorships.
by El_Haggis September 10, 2006
A mix between a Hypebeast and a Nammer
Hammer example: A person who wears a Stussy crewneck with a Hugo Boss jacket with a Gucci murse and wearing a snapback with raw denim. This person dances and sings, but taxes people at the same time.
by Dahvidddd November 30, 2011
To masturbate using two hands
Jim wanted to mix it up, so he used the hammer.
by panchito loquito October 30, 2011
A beer.

You drink hammers and get hammered.
Used in the North West
Yo throw me a hammer, I'ma slam that shit
I got a case of hammers lets get smashed
by Cunthammer February 22, 2011
1. (Adjective) A word that refers to a really big douche bag person that you cannot stand. Mainly someone who does something rude or annoying like the loud strike of a hammer.

2. (Noun) A tool with a long handle and a butt at one end and the other side two points used to jab nails into certain things. Often used in construction.

3. (verb) To bash something into another object or hit something intensely.

4. Hammered* (Verb) To get extremely drunk or wasted usually after a crazy party.
1. Wow, that dude over there with the face is such a hammer, he keeps trying to start a fight with Frank over here.

2. I used a hammer to nail the picture frame into the wall.

3. That dude kept pissing Frank off so i went over there and hammered him in the face with my fist of doom.

4. We got so hammered last night! Frank ended up on the floor and i think we wrote on him... Can't remember though...
by TheMetalHead13 April 12, 2010
Get to work or get focused. Get somthing done.
Our project is due this week so lets hammer it.
by Todd Winans March 21, 2007
A girl which is slutty or a whore
wow yo ,that little trick is a hammer, and shes only like 4 foot 9!
by ZerO 874 July 12, 2005

"He got caught smuggling 7 kilo's of 'hammer' back from Thailand. Luckily he didn't have to go to jail there."
by Diego September 05, 2003

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