Someone who wins by sheer luck, usually due to the misfortune of others.

By fair means or foul.
This years wdc is a proper Hamilton.
#loser #choker #jammy #egotist #lucky
by bmwnut November 06, 2008
Top Definition
"Steel City", "Hammy Town"
A city with a population of 500,000 in Southern Ontario.

Home of the first Tim Hortons and the Niagra Escarpment.

A city you would never have reason to visit, unless you are from Brant, Haldimand or Norfolk County. In that case you visit Hamilton to shop, go to college/university or party.
"My ears popped driving down the Hamilton Mountain"

"I'm a steel worker from Steel City"

"Does he live up or down The Mountain?"
#hamilton #ontario #steel city #hammy town #canada #smog #stelco #defasco #niagra escarpment
by wfwsm August 14, 2008
A ten dollar bill. Humorous analogy with benjamins for 100 dollar bills, used in the Saturday Night Live video "Lazy Sunday" by Andy Samburg and Chris Parnell.
I reach in my pocket, pull out some dough.
Girl acted lke she never seen a ten befo'.
It's all about the Hamiltons, baby!

Roll up to the theater. Ticket buyin' when we're handlin'
You can call us Aaron Burr. From the way we droppin' Hamiltons.
#ten dollars #benjamins #snl #saturday night live #andy samburg #chris parnell #crazy delicious
by LordyLordy December 27, 2005
a U.S. $10 note, featuring a portrait of Alexander Hamilton the first Secretary of the United States Treasury.
"It's all about the hamiltons, baby.."

"We looked like Aaron Burr the way that we was droppin' hamiltons!"
#benjamin #sawbuck #hamiltons #franklin #tenner
by t0lerance March 09, 2006
Hamilton, New Zealand.
The Tron.
City of the Future.
H Town.

Birth place of Dick Quax.

Referred to as "the fountain City" based on the strength of its four fountains.

Hamilton is a small city located in the center of New Zealands north island, in a region known as the Waikato, or the Mighty Waikato by the locals.

Home of the Hamilton 400 V8 supercar street race.

Untill recently hamilton held the recored of Chlamydia capital of New Zealand, beaten to this honoray title in 2011 by Tauranga. nice work Tauranga.

Famous for its late night cavalcade of modified fast four and rotarys, on display for both your viewing, and audio pleasure.

Home of such famous Bars as "the outback inn", "bar 101" and "Hush hush" where many student loans are squondered, and teenage pregnancy statistics are created.
Hamilton is most commonlly used as a destination location, as in "Cher, We off to the tron to race the 7 bro, Should be mean!" in Directions, such as "if you hit Hamilton, you have gone too far/turn around and drive the other way!!!!" or in cautionary statements such as "We went out partying at the outback in hamilton last weekend, now it burns when i pee......"
#hamilton #the tron #city of the future #hams #ham #hammy #h town #htown
by Squigs_ February 23, 2011
Hamilton is a town in South Lanarkshire, in the west side of central Scotland. Its the fifth largest town in Scotland after Paisley, East Kilbride, Livingston and Cumbernauld and is 12 miles south-east of Glasgow and has a population of 49451 people.

It is also.....a dumping ground for alcoholics, junkies and idiots. Fights and poverty are all about the culture of our beloved Hamilton. Hotspots include Whitehill, Fairhill and Hillhouse were if into drugs and knifes then you should definatly take a wander.

The resident neds bring life to this tranquil place (a translator will be required to converse with these young gentlemen and ladies). Best place to mix with the people in Hamilton is at the renowned nightclub, the Hamilton Palace. Feast your eyes on such delights of barely clothed woman and techno lovin' lads...."Cattle market" I hear you say? Why, yes! And thats why we love it so.

So please come visit....
Come to Hamilton...It's a real eye-opener!
#hamilton #neds #east kilbride #glasgow #scotland
by meep123 March 02, 2009
A kick-ass city in Southern Ontario that the majority of ignorant assholes like to call "stink-town" or some other lackluster and/or poorly faceted nickname. Although being the capital for major steel production (hence another nickname known as steel town), the air is clean, the trees are green, and the girls on our university and college campuses are hella fine. Hamilton is also home of one of the country's most reputable post-secondary institutions: McMaster University.

Anyone who talks smack about Hamilton is either: 1) an idiot, 2) a lifeless nerd who doesn't find partying and hot girls fun, and/or 3) an ignorant twat who judges places they've never even been to.
"Ah man, I spent the weekend in Hamilton and had sex with 2 chicks - at once!"
#hamilton #university #college #mcmaster #girls
by JackBauer133 April 24, 2011
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