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1) One who wears pants made of ham.
2) National Ham-pants Day.
3) A stupid name given to a mate when pretending to be pirates.
1) Pants made of ham or substituted by stuffing ham into the pants.
2) The day for wearing Ham-pants. (Sunday 2nd July)
3) "Fuck off Captain Ham-pants, you're not actually the Captain of this ship!"
by cryonica July 08, 2006

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a. ravel
b. untwisted
c. army of fat kitties
d. army of fat titties!!!
e. pentagon shaped potpourri scented pants
Nice Hampants!

You know , after ten years on the net I still dont know what hampants are.

Hampants are not clothes made out of skin, I think.

Those hampants smell good, can I have a bite?
by Doktor Agon Fly February 01, 2004