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- A person who is an avid fan of the Halo series who often fantasizes about playing halo, that accidently wrecked his/her Xbox/Xbox 360 as a result of overly excessive playing of Halo, leaving them suddenly "Halo-less" for long periods of time. Being a "Halo-less Fan" can often result in depression if not treated. Known symptoms of "Halo-less Fan" syndrome are: excessive boredom, asking anyone who owns an Xbox/Xbox 360 if they own any of the halo games and if so, if they can play it.
Person 1: "Man... John has been being a Halo-less Fan lately, he keeps asking me if he can come over to my place and play Halo reach".

Person 2: "Did you know that the only way to cure a Halo-less fan is to get them a Xbox 360"?
by Robsterman02 December 10, 2010
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