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When you jump by airplane from an high altitude and open your parachute close to the ground. The world is an abreviation of
High Altitude Low Opening jump.
I dont think you can do a halo jump on halo 2...
by Loxtar December 01, 2004
the act of jumping in a shooting games like a fag because you think its halo and you can dodge bullets

used primarley in Call Of Duty 4

player1: im gona go around back,cover me!

halofag: lolzords im gonna halo jump!

player1: haha noob,knife to the back!

halofag: awww man :( noob hax 4 lyf yO!
by RANGERZ001 October 28, 2008
When one goes to the airport and takes the first flight available, goes sight seeing wherever they end up and returns after a day or two. Also works with trains.
You: One way ticket please
Attendant: Where would you like to go?
You: Halo Jump, where ever the next plane is going
Attendant: We have one seat left to brisbane in 20 minutes?
You: I'll take it
by mackattack1305 December 07, 2011
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