One of the best Xbox 360 games to date, designed for children with anger issues, people without microphones, and people who think Call of duty 4 isnt as good.
Kid 2:I got sword! Im comin' dont worry!
Kid 3: Hey! look at me! I T-BAggud that guy, I LOVE HALO 3!!!!
Adult 1: Shit... I'm going back to call of duty...
by lollerskates9 May 20, 2008
T3h ub3rly aw3s0m3 anticipated pwn4g3 game of 2007. This game rocks my socks.
WTF! Halo 3 is out?!? Nigga, get that shit now!
by soulfaithful May 17, 2007
Code word for smoking weed. Everyone would think that you are talking about the actual xbox game.
feind: yo you wanna play halo 3 today

dave: i got 5 on it.

tom: i got 5 on it.

feind: yo ill pay you back, halo 3 me out !!

tom: you never do!!
by halo crew May 05, 2011
A term for marijuana of any sort.

The cure all, end all of the world's problems. The elixir of life.
Chris: "Hey man what are we doing later?"

Peter: "Not sure."

Chris: "Wanna play some Halo 3?" *wink* *wink*

Peter: "Hell yeah nigger."
by Mastar Chef June 08, 2014
A game that will comeout on the Xbox 360 and will be sold out everywhere in a matter of hours by overwieghted nerds.
"You gonna get HALO 3 when it comes out?"
"Hell yeah man!"
by Smedy June 27, 2006
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