A game so addicting the only way to quit is to kill yourself.
jimmy played halo 3 so much he eventually killed himself.
by oozy rat October 29, 2007
Awesome game by bungie studios that will probably define the new generation console battle and put an end to the lameass competition, namely sonnyc and nintendorks, finally defining the future of the gaming human kind, non-gamers are not humans, they're on the planet just for decoration purposes... bip, bip dat, dit dat blip blip...
gaystation fan: mommy I wan't a gaystation!!!
mom: Dad, that brat has become a fag he is not asking for Halo 3 !!
dad: well, kill the bastard!!
by Luirah September 12, 2006
THE game that changed the face of the Xbox 360 and Microsoft. It has sold millions upon millions of copies around the world, and set a new bar for gaming. However, it has also caused (along with World of Warcraft) a dramatic spike in video game addiction. Countless players have been "pwning noobs" on Xbox Live for hours on end, but have ignored the needs of their parents/children/girlfriends/boyfriends/fiances/spouses/significant others. They have been more obsessed with hearing "killtacular!" than saying "what do you need, honey?" Its a tragedy of some sorts; it really is.
Girlfriend: Baby, you promised me a night to remember for our anniversary!

Boyfriend: It'll have to wait darling. I have to get a be an MVP in Halo 3.

(Game voice): Killing spree! Sharpshooter! Extermination!...

Boyfriend: Yeah, bitch!
by gamespeed91 September 26, 2009
Your girlfriend's worst nightmare.
Ex. 1:
(Girl on phone): Hey baby, what are you up to?
(Girl): ...What?

Ex. 2:
(Girl): *Hugs boy while he is playing Halo 3*
(Boy): Oh my god! I almost had a Killionaire! BITCH! *throws controller*
by oh hey girl! April 05, 2009
The only game my friends ever play.
Me: Hey guys. Are you up for some Ghost Recon?
Friends: No, let's play Halo 3.
Me: But we've played that together everyday this week. How about of Gears of War?
Friends: No thanks. Halo 3 is better.
Me: Damn.
by Markt3hShark July 10, 2008
The only thing Microsoft has EVER done right.
1 "Dude, Halo 3 comes out tommorrow"
2 "So maybe Microsoft isn't completely evil"
by 'lknakojihnasdj October 06, 2007
A very fun and addicting game with an extreme amount of lag and little kids with annoying voices.
Halo 3 is one of the best games ever!
by alex31991 July 10, 2008
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