the game that is single handedly kicking the ps3 in the balls
kid 1: i just got a ps3
kid 2: i just got halo 3
(everyone kicks kid 1 in balls) fuck ps3 lets play halo
by lylemorrison33 October 01, 2007
1. A game played by men for hours on end
2. A game played by men for hours on end when drunk
3. A game played by ditzy and/or drunk girls trying to flirt with the guys around them
4. A game that if played well by a girl indicates she is either really cool or a lesbian
1. Not much man, just played Halo 3 for like six hours
2. Fuck man, all I remember is that I played Halo 3 for fucking like 6 hours
3. Omygosh, Halo 3! Can I like plaaaaaaaay?
4. Dude, Charissa is fuckin baller at Halo 3. I hope she's just tight and not a lesbo.
by calledupandcametome October 07, 2007
The final game in the Halo series, developed by Bungie.

It is scheduled to be released on September 25th, 2007.
Halo 3 is going to be the best fucking game ever!!
by Define yourself May 27, 2007
- without this game most guys would spend most of their time masturbating
What are you doing today jimmy:
1. masturbate
2. play halo 3
3. masturbate to master chief

choose wisely jimmy
by Hartzell October 08, 2007
A good example of Microsoft taking all of the credit for Bungie's work.
"hey look! Bungie made a new game! Halo 3" *Microsoft staff comes bursting through door and kills family*
Microsoft Staff: "No, we made it!"
the reason I no longer have a loving wife, any friends, or rarely see the light of day.
James: hey dude theres a bunch of babes and beer so wanna come over tonight.
Me: Nah dude i'm exp boosting with my friends and hopefully get my 50.
James: Fuck you youre an asshole.
Me: I love you too.

Mom: hunny your dads in the hospital he needs to see you soon before he dies.
Son:fuck him and fuck you im playing MLG

by brendanssssssssssssss April 18, 2008
First person Shooting game set in the Sci-Fi universe of the first two halo games; developed by Bungie; realeased for the xbox 360 exclusively on September 25 2007 in North America, 26th in Europe, 27th in Japan.

The game includes the concluding campaign of the halo trilogy playable for the first time with up to 4 people over system link of Xbox live; Refined mutliplayer; Highly stylized HD graphics that make for a beautiful game; Real-time map editing Forge mode; etc. etc.

Made of pure EPIC and WIN.
In Halo 3, you do actually get to finish the fight!
In many districts about 12% of the students were absent the day halo 3 came out.
by God's mouth October 08, 2007
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