Last game to be released in the Halo series. Was hyped beyond belief leading up to launch, with all kinds of coverage on the launch day from many forms of media. Sadly, I bought into the hype, depsite telling myself not to buy it cause it might suck as bad as halo 2. When i got this game and beat the campaign, i felt not a sense of accomplishment, but rather severe disappoitment. The story was non-existant, gameplay was too repetitive, fight sequences were rather dull and boring, teammates acted like they were recruited from the short bus (no wonder humanity was losing to the covenant!), graphics were unimpressive, with last gen-esq graphics in some areas, and barely current gen graphics in others. Character models, with the exception of Miranda Keyes, were just awful to look at. Voice acting was poor, and Chief's usually funny one liners were a borefest in this one. Controls were all messed up, the level design was poor, and the last boss was 343 Guilty Spark with Chief having the Spartan Laser... no challenge, huge letdown. Where the hell is that epic battle that was promised by the commericals? Ending was okay. Multiplayer is likely awesome (i don't have high-speed internet), but from what i've seen, its basically Halo 2 with shiny graphics and renamed maps. *yawn*
I loved Halo. My friends and i played it to death two summers ago. But then we got Halo 2, and man were we disappointed. I was really hoping Halo 3 would make up from the crapulance we had to play, but it performed even worse than Halo 2. I beat the game and decided to play with my friend... We got bored and stopped playing co-op after two hours and switched to Gears of War. Haven't touched Halo 3 since. Unless you love multiplayer and don't care for the single player, stay away from this one.
by Chrisguy (chrisguy) December 04, 2007
A shitty game made by Bungie and Macrosoft, it, like it's predecessor, is still raped the shit out of by Half life 2 both graphically and gameplay wise, not to mention it is way inferior to HL2 in physics. While Halo 3 is obviously a mediocre game, teenagers and faggots who claim "BUT A MOUSE AND KEYBOARD DON'T FEEL LIKE A REAL GUN" and will never hope to play a decent game seem to spooge over it consistently.

Yes, I know this comparison is flawed in that Half Life 2 doesn't have multiplayer, but what about CS:S and Team Fortress 2? Basically, if you had to choose between Halo 3 or The Orange Box, I hope to god you chose the latter, for the sake of your soul.
Faggot: Hey man, want to go play Halo 3 over at my house?

Reasonable middle class male: Nah, I'm going to go enjoy a 4 year old game called half life 2, and follow that up with great episodic content and my choice out of hundreds of mods.

Faggot: But it doesn't have multiplayer!! D:

Reasonable middle class male: Oh, I'm sorry, I got Team Fortress 2 along with Half Life and 3 other games for cheaper than Halo 3. You should look into it.

by Devinmsz January 10, 2008
The worst excuse for a game in the history of forever!

You hover when you jump.

Failed story line.

Bungie cant pick up the money to make another main character.

Shit-ass graphics!

Stupid sniper rifle scope. (rectangle, wtf!)

Glide up ladders.

Homos like to play it and tea-bag each other. (fags).

Unrealistic weaponary.

It's for the shit-box.
Peter: "Hey, man. Wanna play Halo 3? I'll Tea-bag you!"

Nic: "Nah, Fuck you, man! Go play your Shit-Box 360 and go tea-bag your faggot friends somewhere else!"

Peter: "Shut up, just shut up!! <sob><sob>. I'll tell Master Chief on you!"

Nic: "Whatever. Go rape your mom in the ass with a fucking machete for all I care, you worthless Halo loving cock sucking piece of shit!"

Peter: "<SOB><SOB><SOB>"
by Your moms asshole August 29, 2009
Mediocre FPS game with a poor single player which involves killing multicoloured space monekys repeatedly and average multiplayer that involves little skill to win at - getting any of the power weapons such as the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, sword or grav hammer will guarantee a win. Also the reason why many people bought Xbox 360s. Definitley not the best FPS or game ever.
OMG. Sergeant Johnson got killed by a flying lightbulb.

So much hype for halo 3 when its such a sucky game.
by Allo Lads March 12, 2008
The third clone of the Halo trilogy. Pretty much the same as the first two but a new weapon or two and a couple dozen new maps. The only reason why someone would buy this is because they are drawn into the ads that say how it's going to be the greatest game ever and any other game is shit compared to it.
Person 1:"Dude i'm gonna go buy Halo 3 when it comes out wanna come watch me buy it?"

Person 2:"You already own Halo 1 and Halo 2 why not just glue them together and put them in your Xbox 360?"

Person 1:"Because those two are shit compared to Halo 3. Did you know Halo 3 has one new weapon and thirty-six hundred new maps."

Person 1:"Get the Hell outta my site I never wanna see you again you fucking retard."
by Golden Bullet December 27, 2007
A game that all blind xbots will buy and praise no matter how bad (or good) it actually is
Halo 3 could end up being a 2 hour video of Master Chief jacking off and xbots will STILL proclaim it to be the greatest game of all
by Bushwhip(but call me Swip) October 21, 2007
1)One of the worst most overhyped games in history. Halo was good, halo 2 was alright, halo 3 took it too far.
People at my school pretty much orgy over halo 3, whereas gamers who aren't 13 year old kids and have played OTHER games, generally ignore halo 3.
2)The sexual fantasy of many nerdy 13 year old teenagers.
3)One way Bungie and Microsoft use to get rich from spoilt bratty teenager's pocket money.
Kid 3: Hey everyone.
Kid 3: Nope, why?
Kid 2: lulz noob m8, come back wen u got halo 3 m8, fu m8
Kid 3: ....bye then?
by Aeroastro November 04, 2007
halo 3 suck gears of war is much better
(gaykid) im gona buy halo 3 it the best game out
(coolkid) ur such a gay kid halo 3 is so boring
(gaykid)yes but im gay i wank over halo 3
(coolkid)fuck u im going out to pre order gears of war 2
by crazycrook51 April 20, 2008

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