Last game to be released in the Halo series. Was hyped beyond belief leading up to launch, with all kinds of coverage on the launch day from many forms of media. Sadly, I bought into the hype, depsite telling myself not to buy it cause it might suck as bad as halo 2. When i got this game and beat the campaign, i felt not a sense of accomplishment, but rather severe disappoitment. The story was non-existant, gameplay was too repetitive, fight sequences were rather dull and boring, teammates acted like they were recruited from the short bus (no wonder humanity was losing to the covenant!), graphics were unimpressive, with last gen-esq graphics in some areas, and barely current gen graphics in others. Character models, with the exception of Miranda Keyes, were just awful to look at. Voice acting was poor, and Chief's usually funny one liners were a borefest in this one. Controls were all messed up, the level design was poor, and the last boss was 343 Guilty Spark with Chief having the Spartan Laser... no challenge, huge letdown. Where the hell is that epic battle that was promised by the commericals? Ending was okay. Multiplayer is likely awesome (i don't have high-speed internet), but from what i've seen, its basically Halo 2 with shiny graphics and renamed maps. *yawn*
I loved Halo. My friends and i played it to death two summers ago. But then we got Halo 2, and man were we disappointed. I was really hoping Halo 3 would make up from the crapulance we had to play, but it performed even worse than Halo 2. I beat the game and decided to play with my friend... We got bored and stopped playing co-op after two hours and switched to Gears of War. Haven't touched Halo 3 since. Unless you love multiplayer and don't care for the single player, stay away from this one.
by Chrisguy (chrisguy) December 04, 2007
An FPS (First Person Shooter) Party-game.
A party game is only good with multiple people. Halo 3 is better when played online with multiple people.
by zGreece February 26, 2009
The video game that steals boyfriends
Girl 1: Liek my boyfriend stopped talking to everyone after he started playing that Halo3 game

Girl 2: Ohmygosh me to, their such dicks
by Watersgirl March 17, 2009
N. Most likey the 2nd best game for the xbox 360, it was a gift from god to mankind, hated by Playstation fanboys.

Without it most things in the world would fall apart, for example, every man in the world that plays this game would have to go around in green cyborg suits and shoot each other. This would cause global warming, dont ask why, it just would, okay???
Big B: Hey Steve, wanna play Halo 3?
Big B: ... Nah this is way more satisfying.
by Nine nines 999999999 October 19, 2008
A game in wich the real god is reaveled

Master Cheif is GOD
Guy1:Come on we have to go to church
Guy2:Dude we played halo 3 all last night
by Shaun249 February 21, 2009
BEST GAME EVER MADE pwns all noobs...
KID1: Yo i just got cod4
KID2: you know Halo 3 game out?
KID!: wtf no way man, im gonna go return this junk...
by NEver won November 16, 2008
A game good until you go online with about 4 unbalanced weapons and search prefer skill and you get people with 30 ranks above you. A game where you get called gay if you lose and lags everytime you really need a win. A game where Bungie doesn't want you to rank up and says you can win 20 games straight and rank up once but if you lose once you lose your rank and you fucking restart. That's just how bungie and halo are. FUCKING GAY.
John:Dude i just got my 30 on Halo 3.
Bill:Really holy crap dude how?
John: i wont 20 games straight
Bill: wow dude that's crazy.
1 game later
John:Shit i just lost my rank.
Bill: what how?
John:these guys kept using swords,rockets,hammers,and shotguns and i lost 1 match now i have to win another 20 FUCK.
by xXxPressurexXx October 17, 2009
First Person Shooter (FPS) developed by Bungie Studios in Washington. This video game is an Xbox 360 exclusive game that is compatible to be played on Xbox LIVE. The game was released on September 25, 2007.

The campaign takes place in the future involving a bio-genetically enhanced super-soldier and an Earth army called UNSC fighting against an alien alliance called the Covenant. In Halo 3, the Elite sector of the Covenant had seceded from the Covenant and allied with the humans.

The multiplayer generally involves shooting down other players and completing various objectives.

Halo 3 is the supposed coclusion to Bungie's Halo series.

The Multiplayer base of Halo 3 is generally rated high for gap in accepting a wide range of gamers and the several different features given to enhance gaming experience.

However the campaign was not as good as many fans were hoping for and other gamers wanted to play. To many people, the only enjoyable part of Halo 3 is its multiplayer components.
Hey Jim, are you going to Play Halo 3 tonight?

Do you think Halo 3 is a great game?

William, a long time Halo fan, was excited when he finally got Halo 3.

Jim was disappointed by what he though was Halo 3's mediocre campaign, but he highly enjoyed multiplayer.
by Cramakazr March 30, 2009

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