Last game to be released in the Halo series. Was hyped beyond belief leading up to launch, with all kinds of coverage on the launch day from many forms of media. Sadly, I bought into the hype, depsite telling myself not to buy it cause it might suck as bad as halo 2. When i got this game and beat the campaign, i felt not a sense of accomplishment, but rather severe disappoitment. The story was non-existant, gameplay was too repetitive, fight sequences were rather dull and boring, teammates acted like they were recruited from the short bus (no wonder humanity was losing to the covenant!), graphics were unimpressive, with last gen-esq graphics in some areas, and barely current gen graphics in others. Character models, with the exception of Miranda Keyes, were just awful to look at. Voice acting was poor, and Chief's usually funny one liners were a borefest in this one. Controls were all messed up, the level design was poor, and the last boss was 343 Guilty Spark with Chief having the Spartan Laser... no challenge, huge letdown. Where the hell is that epic battle that was promised by the commericals? Ending was okay. Multiplayer is likely awesome (i don't have high-speed internet), but from what i've seen, its basically Halo 2 with shiny graphics and renamed maps. *yawn*
I loved Halo. My friends and i played it to death two summers ago. But then we got Halo 2, and man were we disappointed. I was really hoping Halo 3 would make up from the crapulance we had to play, but it performed even worse than Halo 2. I beat the game and decided to play with my friend... We got bored and stopped playing co-op after two hours and switched to Gears of War. Haven't touched Halo 3 since. Unless you love multiplayer and don't care for the single player, stay away from this one.
by Chrisguy (chrisguy) December 04, 2007
The last game of the HALO trilogy, presented by Bungie studios. It is the penultimate experience in FPS on the next-Gen console. Common side effects are:
1) walking around school/work/home and exclaiming Killing Spree, Killionaire, Killamanjaro, Overkill, and Killtacular at the slightest sense of achievement..getting an A on a test/completing a merger/making a sandwich.
2) It is also often played on LIVE by illiterate 4 year olds who constantly rape the shit out of older, more illiterate 16 or 23 year olds in the game lobby, over an argument over who's gayer. these 4 year olds should be avoided, as when they win they will constantly call you a no0b..even though you headshotted them with a pistol from the other side of Valhalla.
OMG I can't wait for Halo 3...IT'S PURE AW3SOMENESS!!!! I AM MASTERCHIEF!!!

*finish spreading mustard on sandwhich* OVERKILL!!

by FoeHammer21 December 03, 2008
The sequel to Halo 2, a game for the Xbox.
Halo 3 is the sequel to Halo 2.
by burdettb September 21, 2007
1.Quite possible the Hardest game to play online, Creating fury and Possibly Broken controllers, xboxs, Ect.

2. Breeding Ground for 12 year old children to talk all the shit they can Before there parents get home
1.God i fucking hate Flood, i tried to beat that level so many times, I threw my controller through the tv and Lit the halo 3 on disk fire.

2. Yeah i toattly beat your ass, Teabag Teabag, I fucked your fucking face you fucking fag, Yeah Suck my fucking balls (in a High Pitched voice).
by Delphinium? December 25, 2009
An awesome game with a guy in heavy armor and an alien named Arby
Man, I love playing Halo 3.
by tennishalodude April 26, 2008
One of the most beautiful, intricate, and addicting shooters of its time. Developed by Bungie Studios and released on September 25, 2007, Halo 3 is one of the most bought and played games on the Xbox 360 to date.

Halo 3 often falls under much criticism by people who suck at it, claiming that the gameplay consists of emptying a clip of assault rifle ammo and then a beatdown. These accusations are made because Halo is a shooter that contains a surprising amount of depth.

Unfortunately today, many people who play first-person shooting games are too impatient to properly learn the various aspects of the game and therefore are easily frustrated by those who take the time to understand the rules of the game. These sorts of people usually turn to a more casual shooter such as Call of Duty 4 and fill internet forums with inflammatory posts of how much they hate Bungie.
Dumbass: "OMG I hate Halo 3. All you do is just empty a clip and then melee."
Intelligent Person: "Dude you're just angry because you don't understand how the game works."
by sidewinder321 June 26, 2009
Halo 3 is a game made with the soul purpose of destroying relationships and embarrassing boyfriends and husbands who get their asses handed to them by their partners.
Girl: Wanna play Halo 3? I just got it, you'll be surprised at how good I am at it already. I'm gonna kick your ass!"
Man: "pff its just a game, and besides, your a girl, girls aren't good at video games."
Girl: *kicks guys ass at game.*

by Stephen Peterson March 29, 2008
Third game in the critically acclaimed Halo series, developed by Bungie. It has a decent story that almost absolutely wraps up the trilogy. Online play is so simple a 2 years old could do it(is that a good thing?).
"Oh man i played Halo 3 so much yesterday that i got mild Carpal Tunnel"

"Theres something wrong with you"

"What the multiplayer is so addictive"
by Trigrhapy September 29, 2007

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