Halo 3 is the worlds most disappointing game ever. It is also extremely overrated and got everyone hyped up for a huge disappointment, also just used the game to receive loads of money for trailers etc.
It is just either a fancy patch for Halo 2 or Halo 2.5
All of the multiplayer maps are all of the originals from Halo 2 but changed slightly and given a different name. Example: Last Resort = Zanzibar but without the glitches and slightly changed, Valhalla = Coagulation but slightly different, etc...
Multiplayer is boring and repetitive with millions of fanboys and 10 american kids swearing at each other all the time. Also full of nooby weapons including: Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Energy Sword, double wield shotgun's etc etc. Nice one Bungie, 3 years for a waste of time of noobyness and boring repetitive play.
Campaign is probably the highlight of the game, but is also ruined due to shortness, (you guessed it!) more repetitive gameplay. I could literally run through the first two levels without equipment or jumping. The plot is also not very good. It may as well be called Halo Online and not include a campaign because they just try and get that out of the way so that everyone can go online. Legendary difficulty is really easy, the AI are meant to work as a team and I completely forgot all about it before being reminded just now on Wikipedia because I saw no signs of it.
Graphics are practically the same as Halo 2 as well and there not that good any way in comparison to better graphics in games such as BioShock, Gears Of War, The Darkness, Call of Duty 4 and many others.
Halo fanboy: Halo 3 is amazing!
Any other gamer: Oh right, explain the campaign to me, I don't fully understand it.
Halo fanboy: There was a campaign?!? I was too busy being a n00b online with all the n00by weapons and making fun of people online because I think I'm hard because they can't see me or reach me and making fun of games that are better than this one I didn't realise.
by Grant Clulow September 27, 2007
Top Definition
The leading cause of divorce in America.
"Josh can we go to the movies?" "Maybe next weekend, I'm playing halo 3 babe."
by Alan Bayse September 28, 2007
The last game in the Halo series, set to come out Q4 2006 to Q3 2007. Will be amazing.
The day Halo 3 comes out, my life will be complete. All other gamers should agree.
by Zidane is gay July 30, 2006
cuase of sudden GPA drops in highschools across the world.
little billy was a straight A student, turned in his work on time, always on time for school, and never fell asleep in class.
little billy now is a nocturnal energy drink chugging pasty white as snow trash talking FIEND that goes by an alias known only to him and other xbl affiliates.

lil billy will be missed.....

by BE_PREPARED! September 25, 2007
If idle hands are the devil's tools, then the Halo franchise should be delaying armageddon for decades to come.
person 1: Halos 3 through 7 were pretty miserable, eh?
person 2: I hear they're releasing number 8 next winter. This one's being billed as "The Penultimate Gaming Experience of your Lifetime."
person 1: Man, I'd better go preorder mine now!
by maxg December 19, 2004
your girlfriends worst nightmare...
(GF. on the phone): hey babe whacha doin?
(BF.): ....... yes double kill!
(GF): huh? what are you talking about? Are u on halo 3 again?
(BF): ....... umm ya...cant talk now..call u back later..bye
by brennan parker March 04, 2008
Should be the best shooter of all time, ever
supposedly coming out the same day as PS3 just to fuck over Sony
Joe: Im getting a PS3
Bob: But Halo 3 is coming out that day
Joe: Well fuck PS3 then i want Halo
by StJlMMY July 20, 2005
A gift probably from heaven, programmed by god himself. Though Playstation 3 fag boys...sorry, "fanboys" may say it sucks, they are just disappointed that their console will not be able to handle it. With all it's cool features, halo 3 will make gaming history. On Sept 25th the earth itself will shake from the awesomeness of halo.

I look forward to laughing at the PS3 fans on that day.

Gamer: "Man, can't wait for Halo 3!"
PS3 Fanboy: "Stop overrating it!!!" *sulks in corner*
Gamer1:"Halo 3's out soon!"
Gamer2: "I know!" *Head explodes in excitement*
Gamer1:"They canceled Halo 3."
Gamer2: *commits suicide*
Gamer1: "Wait, it was a joke."
PS3 Fanboy:"Halo 3 is teh Suckzorz!"
Xbox Fanboy:"OMG STFU!"
by White Hawk September 03, 2007

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