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A game free for download, played on the computer and intneret by people who either. . .

1. Can't afford actually Halo Combat Evolved . . or

2. Like halo trial's player scene better

Halo Trial's net servers still host many players, as Pro's and noobs run rampant just like any other game. It also could be easier to get noticed by other "pro" players on trial, but it depends on your opinion.

The lead and lag is noticeable larger than Combat evolved.

The campain consists of 1 level and the internet games contain only the Bloodgulch map.

Its endless fun tbh.
ex 1.

Trial player: Yo man i f***ing own at halo trial!!!

Full version player: So?

Trial player: ...

ex 2.

Trial player: Dude i F***ing own at Halo trial

Other trial player: NICE!

Trial player: Ty!
by ~¶ë©tU§~ August 19, 2008
The best version of halo ever made
Halo trial is the best version of halo ever made
by Synthus March 31, 2009
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