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Halo school is a place where n00bs like you need to go so you can learn the basics of halo. N00bs that generally go to halo school don't know ANYTHING about halo. There are many bascis to halo, including the all-mighty weapons of choice, the pistol AND the SNIPER RIFLE! Now n00bs typically like yourselves don't know the power of these two weapons. They are the best weapons in the game and usually are considered "cheap" by nerds/n00bs who use weapons such as the rocket launcher/FRG (Fuel Rod Gun for nerds who don't know what that means). Now onto the history of halo school.
Halo school was founded by the ultimate halo gamer on the face of the Earth. Hereby known as LightningXCE *gasp*. Now this gamer is an ultimate halo gamer, who never seems to die. While he pwns n00bs at halo he still manages to make maps for HaloCE (Custom Edition not Combat Evolved, n00bs). I myself haven't nerded off to the extent of beating this ultimate halo gamer. I am very scared of him actually when he holds the pistol. I need not say anymore because I think I just pissed my pants. Oh a little offtopic have I gone, am I right? Whatever. Halo school was founded by LightningXCE *gasp* when Halo was first released. He saw that this game was revolutionary so he nerded off and made a freaking school. Now he has several trained teachers that make n00bs such as yourselves into ELITE HALO GAMERS. These people have aliases known to some as _Jon aka: HIVKing, Kevin HIVDevour, :Unknown name: HIVKatana, and Paul HIVrec0 (HIV doesn't stand for the disease, it is short for Hivers). These people are the best halo gamers who graduated from halo school at the top of their classes that and are also LightningXCE's *gasp* best pupils. So the point is, you n00b need to buy yourselves an extreme gaming computer so you can attend halo school, and pwn LightningXCE and end his nerding spree once and for all.
HALO SCHOOL GRADUATE: I pwn n00bs in halo anyday.
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