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Noun: When a girl attempts to give her boyfriend a handjob whilst he is distracted by Halo Reach.
Dude, my girlfriend totally screwed my K-D ratio with her Halo Reach-around last night
by Spartan Bomber October 24, 2010
Giving another a reach around while playing Halo Reach.
Gardner gave Sungho a battle-hardened Halo reach around.
by kelpo May 06, 2010
A halo reach around is where you give someone a reach around while choking them with a halo that way they orgasm super awesome,its like auto erotic asphyxiation minus the likelyhood of death.
If you want a halo reach around that'll be 50$.
by SCORCH 13 June 29, 2010
The act of getting dissed for playing Halo Reach over doing any other things such as:
A) getting laid by your significant other
B) getting the hell out of the house
C) being a productive member of society
Girl 1- "Why are you so bitchy today?"
Girl 2 - "I'm so pissed at him right now, I was dropping hints to him to come up and give me an Alaskan Pipeline, and he gave me a Halo Reacharound playing that damn game last night".
by Eliteman76 September 22, 2010
To get a reach around while docking. See: Docking.
I totally got the best Halo Reach Around at the all nude gay club last night!
by breakingwheel May 23, 2010
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