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Randy Blythe’s side project. Sounds like the beating of flesh with a barbed club. Described as an ‘anything goes’ style of chunky drums and the the destruction of musical instruments as we know it. Clearly influenced by bands like Eyehategod, and while they don’t have a large amount of songs, each is still extremely powerful.

Randy Blythe - Vocals (Burn the Priest/Lamb of God)
Judd Prather - Bass (1.25)
Alex Rodriguez - Guitar
Tim Forrest - Drums (Elbo Drop)
Robert Petry - Guitar (ex-Sic...

(copied and pasted from their facebook)
lamb of god if you like lamb of god you know good music and this band like
Halo Locusts will conquer metal
by Trej099 December 06, 2009
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