1. Someone (usually a kid) who thinks they're so much better than everyone because they sit around all day and play video games. They cuss a lot, as well.

2. An actual gang member who likes to play Halo.
1. That halo gangster just cussed me out cause his team won. That little faggot.

2. That halo gangster was talking about the guy he mugged yesterday.
by Shootthemonkey May 29, 2010
Top Definition
A halo Gangster plays is a person who plays halo almost 24/7 and that will do almost anything to win involing agressive smack talk using racial slurs and other things against your mom and if this person loses he wil blame his teamates for being fail people and telling them to go kill themselves. But yet you might want this person on your team beacuse they are usual good

this can also be applied to COD
Halo Gangster kills Noob4life
Voice Chat form Halo Gangster: Yeah you like my balls in your eyes huh i knew you were horrible at this game, you piece of shit
by wants to play halo for fun June 27, 2009
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