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The upcoming installment in the famous Halo series. Many never thought they'd see the day this game was announced.

The game is being developed by 343i. A company compiled of ex Bungie employees who helped create Halo.

The games first trailer came out on June 6, 2011

Guy 1: Ah, E3's today. Probably nothing important. Gonna hop on Reach for a little
Guy 2: Oh my God!! Dude! Guess what?!
Guy 1: What?
Guy 2: Halo 4 was just announced!
by iExplicit Chaos July 20, 2011
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The Next Halo Game in the Series that will include Master Chief, and will be better than any Past Call of Duty Game.

Yes, even Modern Warfare 3.. even though Modern Warfare 3 was released in 2009..

It will soon Hold the Best-Selling Xbox Game Title for years just how Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3 have..
This game (Halo 4) is going to be so big, it could speak for itself.
by Halo4Fanboy October 04, 2011
A video game that released created by 343 Industries in 2012. It is the start of the Reclaimer Trilogy, following the events of original trilogy (Halo 1-3). Master Chief returns in Halo 4 to confront an ancient evil.

It is also a game that receives way too much criticism than it deserves. The Halo purists are crying because it isn't exactly like Halo 2 or Halo 3. Go on the Waypoint forums or the Halo Council and you will find topic after topic of complaining and whining. It's okay not like the game or have criticisms with the game, but most people that post topics are just bitching and moaning without providing any real constructive criticism.

Seriously, give 343 a break. This is their first game, and they're still learning. Remember, Halo 2 had its share of issues before a patch was released. Then it became the awesome game we all know. Halo 4 isn't broken. Halo 4 didn't "ruin Halo". Halo isn't dead. Relax. Give this game time. It may not be perfect, but it's still a new Halo game. Can't we all be grateful for that?
Raging fanboy: Halo 4 sucks so bad I'm done with Halo. 343 ruined Halo.

Halo fan: Dude calm down. A Title Update is coming soon, so relax. Plus, you act like this game is unplayable. Last I checked, Halo 4 is running just fine right now.

Raging fanboy: No stfu you're just a dumb casual that doesn't know anything about Halo.

Halo fan: It's people like you that make the Halo community so fucking pathetic.
by iduncurr January 06, 2013
Released soon

It's official
Halo 4 is being created
by YhItsDan August 25, 2008
Currently being developed by 343 Industries (Former Bungie Employees), and is said to be released 11-6-12. The game takes place from the ending in Halo 3 where the Master Chief and Cortana drift off in space in the severed half of the Frigate. Cortana then sends a distress signal which may take years before they are rescued. The Chief then says, "Wake me, when you need me.", and goes into cryogenetic sleep. The Chief is then woken up as Cortana shouts that he needs him, he makes his way to the opening in the ship and stares at a ring which the ship is drifting towards.

The game so far has graphically updated the Chief's armor, weapons and brought back the Burst Fire Assault Rifle from Halo 3, enemies, vehicles, and the HUD. Halo 4 includes armor abilities as well.
Halo 4 Includes:
Ranking (Same as Halo: Reach)
Forrunner Weapons
Covenant (Some elites are still on their side)
Made from scratch Multi-Player Maps

Halo 4 Does not include:
Dual Weild Ability
Elites (As a character for multiplayer)
Recticle Bloom (Recticle does not move when firing a weapon. Can improve aiming.)
The Flood (Not entirely sure if they are involved.)
by SlateMkII October 09, 2012
A video game made by 343 Industries that didn't quite live up to the expectations of many long-term fans of the series. There were many opportunities to make the game great, but they were left untapped by the game's developers.
Halo 4 is the sequel of Halo 3 and the beginning of 343 Industries' "new" Halo series.
by Chaos Entropy January 03, 2013
Developed by 343Industries, Halo 4 is to Halo what Modern Warfare 2 was to Call of Duty; A completely broken game shat should have been the best in the series. The campaign is great but filled with shitty QuickTime events that ruin the fun and are even worse than in Battlefield 3; potentially good cut scenes are thrown away for a cheap imitation of a low budget CoD games. The game even throws away the opportunity for an epic final boss by having the main villan killed in a shitty anti-climactic QuickTime event. But other than that and the overpowered sniper enemies, campaign is amazing. Multiplayer has been revamped and would be the best in all halo games IF IT WASNT FUCKING BROKEN! The create-a-class system is great but they madethe DMR)so overpowered that you cant even spawn in matchmaking. And they made it so that if you even touch a barely moving vehicle you fucking die and go flying across the map. to make this problem worse theirs a fuking ghost on every map. Speaking of the maps, they are competitive but bland as hell; like the theme of one map is: White, literaly. And custom games barley even exist, you cant even make a proper deathmatch game. And to top it off; everything online lags, especaily the new spartan ops mode which is really a fake Spec Ops mode from CoD. Other than that great game
Oakley HiDef: Yo, man! you wanna play a custom game on Halo 4

Me: HAHHAHAHAHAHA Custom games in halo 4, good one.
by Nyan Dragon January 10, 2013

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