The most Uber game in all of gaming History. This game defines "video games". Take it from a Halo 3 player =) .
Guy: Hey dude! Halo 3 came out 2 days ago... i still don't have it.
Me: I got it 20 minutes after it came out... I'm so ashamed of myself. Then again, the line was out the door and about 3 miles down the road. And I got the legendary edition Helmet!
Me: So? =) Atleast I have Halo 3
*Guy rapidly turns emo over the next 2 days"
by Halo 3 Pwner September 25, 2007
An okay game that people are freaking out over but it looks like a PS2 game
Man 1: Halo 3 is the shit!
Man 2: It is not, I wouldn't pay for that game!
by Nalyd October 07, 2007
gay ass mshoft game that everyone is shittin' their pants for but it aint comin.
DUDE DUDE CANT YOU WAIT FOR HALO 3!?!?!?!?!1211111111
by sergiy March 23, 2007
Something I hope will not come. Halo was great, Halo 2 sucked. You shoot somone in the back of the head and they dont notice you for 5 seconds with a fully auto gun (no exaguration) and nothing happens. Then he finally notices, turns around and kills you in 2 seconds with a sword.
Halo 3 should not happen
by Bob Hope III February 16, 2005
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