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A person who loves Halloween above all holidays. Halloween is their Christmas, Easter, Valentines and St.Patrick's day all-in-one. Of course this person probably dresses mostly in black, could be kinda scary themselves until you get to know them, makes cool props, decorates their yard and home like a haunted house and has no problem coming up with the most creative and original costumes ever to show up at a party.
(Definitely an interesting person to know in my humble opinion!!)
"My neighbor is a huge Halloweenie! His yard looks like Night of the Living Dead every October!"
by GhostFaceGirl February 08, 2005
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Someone who dresses up as someone/something based on an arcane cultural reference that no one would get, for the sole purpose of showing off how much of an intellectual they are
Guy1: So who are you dressed as?

Guy2: I am dressed as <insert unpronounceable name>

Guy1: Uh...

Guy2: Its from <insert arcane play/novel/movie>. I can't believe you have never heard of it.

Guy1: Dude, you are such a Halloweenie
#douche #douchebag #prep #pedantic #elitist
by kitwalker October 28, 2010
When a guy puts a costume on his penis for halloween
Dude, check out my sweet Dracula halloweenie!
#halloween #penis #dick #weiner #pee pee
by bigbarbie86 April 16, 2015
the awkward boners most guys get on halloween because of all the slutty hoes
That hoe dressed like Oprah is given me the weirdest halloweenie i've ever had.
#halloweeen #boner #awkward #oprah #chubby #dick.
by Tlogz October 31, 2014
Someone who breaks up with their significant other on Halloween so as to avoid the holiday season and its attendant familial obligations and gift giving.
"Look, I just don't think this is going anywhere and I really don't want to suffer through Thanksgiving with your family nor do I want to waste $100 on a present for you. Sorry to be such a Halloweenie." ~ what I wanted to tell my last boyfriend
#breakup #relationships #holidays #family #presents
by Aliemira December 31, 2008
1.Someone too scared to go trick-or-treating.
2.Someone too scared too decorate for Halloween (multibal resons).
3.Someone who is brave enough to go Trick-or-Treating,but only gos to so meny houses becouse some of the houses have too meny scary decorations.
WOW!Your such a Halloweenie!
#halloween #halloweenie #scaredy cat #scared #31
by Darka October 31, 2007
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