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A person who loves Halloween above all holidays. Halloween is their Christmas, Easter, Valentines and St.Patrick's day all-in-one. Of course this person probably dresses mostly in black, could be kinda scary themselves until you get to know them, makes cool props, decorates their yard and home like a haunted house and has no problem coming up with the most creative and original costumes ever to show up at a party.
(Definitely an interesting person to know in my humble opinion!!)
"My neighbor is a huge Halloweenie! His yard looks like Night of the Living Dead every October!"
by GhostFaceGirl February 08, 2005
70 23
Someone who dresses up as someone/something based on an arcane cultural reference that no one would get, for the sole purpose of showing off how much of an intellectual they are
Guy1: So who are you dressed as?

Guy2: I am dressed as <insert unpronounceable name>

Guy1: Uh...

Guy2: Its from <insert arcane play/novel/movie>. I can't believe you have never heard of it.

Guy1: Dude, you are such a Halloweenie
by kitwalker October 28, 2010
15 8
Someone who breaks up with their significant other on Halloween so as to avoid the holiday season and its attendant familial obligations and gift giving.
"Look, I just don't think this is going anywhere and I really don't want to suffer through Thanksgiving with your family nor do I want to waste $100 on a present for you. Sorry to be such a Halloweenie." ~ what I wanted to tell my last boyfriend
by Aliemira December 31, 2008
10 16
1.Someone too scared to go trick-or-treating.
2.Someone too scared too decorate for Halloween (multibal resons).
3.Someone who is brave enough to go Trick-or-Treating,but only gos to so meny houses becouse some of the houses have too meny scary decorations.
WOW!Your such a Halloweenie!
by Darka October 31, 2007
2 34