A mostly American holliday where children dress up in costume go door to door and expect expensive candy when they really only get hoardes of smartees. Originated from All Hollows Eve, a holliday said to be the Devil's day. Signified the end of fall, beginning of winter.
by yarf October 27, 2003
The time of year in October, Where teenagers Piss off fellow neighbors, friends, and family. During this "holiday" They usually cause havoc and vandalism by:

Eggs, Toilet Paper, paintball guns, rocks, fake blood, and other means of vandalizing.

The less harmless pranks include: Ding dong ditch, and scaring people.

Usually they hang out in small gang like groups, so beware next Halloween.!
Chris: Dude, Ryan, wanna go pumpkin smashing this Halloween?
Ryan: wait until we egg some houses.
Tyler: No! Lets Tick tack some houses
Chris: Ok but after we ding dong ditch garrets.
Ryan: how about later we paintball my aunts house?
Tyler: Ok but after wards, were Tee peeing, some trees and houses.
Ryan: sounds fun!
Chris: ok lets do it! This Halloween is gunna rock!
by Chris O_o October 30, 2009
"In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it."
Karen: *gasp* "Why are you dressed so scary?"
Cady: "It's Halloween."
by Ruamonkey2 October 31, 2012
Socially acceptable real world looting.
Want to go halloween?
by Rollend April 24, 2011
1. the cheap holiday the gives little kids the opportunity to blackmail others into giving candy
2. the chezzy holiday that gives parents an excuse to embarress their kids even more by dressing like freaks
3. an excuse for teenage girls to dress like whores, go to parties, get drunk, and get undressed in public
1. i'm going to be Spongebob Quarepants for halloween! trick or Treat!
2. Parents: I'm dressingup like Oprah his year!
3. Slutz: I'm gonna be a playboy bunny! like, ohmigod!
by Missqtpie92 October 31, 2005
An excuse for everybody!
For teenage girls to dress like sluts!
For little boys to dress up like robots and aliens and not be teased!
For nerds to cosplay as things no sane person has ever heard of!
For adults to get roaring drunk and not be given a second look!
For paedophiles to hand out free candy to willing little children!
For idiots to watch the same three horror movies they watched last year!
And for silent misanthropes to bang their head against the wall for another four hours.
(Day after Halloween)
Jack: Hey, did you see that horror movie at Dan's place last night?
Bob: No, I couldn't get there. The road was too blocked up with slutty teenage girls, cosplay geeks, drunken adults and possible child predators.
Jack: Good thing I'm a silent misanthrope, then.
Bob: Agreed.
by Marvelator November 02, 2013
In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.
I hate halloween! said no one ever
by helmen November 01, 2012

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