A Christian Holiday held on the 31st of October in remembrance of the occasion Jesus dressed up in a sheet and went begging for sweets.
"It's Halloween. Time for some thinly veiled begging."
by Johnny Kayoss December 25, 2007
1. The second greatest holiday in the world.

2. One of the best horror films of all time.
"Do you believe in the Boogeyman?"
by fonzerelly December 06, 2003
One horrifying day when an anti-social psychopath dresses up in coveralls and a Captain Kirk mask and then stalks & butchers hot ass cheerleaders and their friends in a variety of ways.
If your last name is 'Myers' or 'Strode', stay the f*ck out of Haddonfield Illinois on October 31.
by MrPhoenix December 20, 2003
Celebrated on October 31, it is a night were 9&+ year olds dress slutty, wear a bunch of their moms makeup, talk to strangers, and get away with it. It was originally a religious holiday, but like other wholesome things, America turned it into a sleez fest.
Kathy: "Jenny's costume was soo slutty this year!"
Joe: "Well Kathy, it is Halloween."
by Ladeda10 February 02, 2009
A pagan holy day celebrating the new year Samhain. Also a common day when children go trick-or-treating, candy usually comes from this.
Example 1: I went to the Samhain bonfire last night.

Example 2: Mommy it's Halloween can we go rick-or-treating yet?
by OnePiecePirate October 12, 2003
My favorite holiday. Halloween is when children (and anyone else who can get away with it) get tons of free candy. It's also a very amusing holiday and there a lots of parties that are epic. The end.
Halloween is great.
by HalloweenIsAwesome August 24, 2009
NOT just an excuse for girls to dress like complete sluts. Also an excuse for guys do dress as comfortably as possible in some ill-conceived "costume," and for both sexes to then get shitfaced and get laid, no matter how fat/ugly the accomplice. If you were born in July, you were probably conceived on Halloween- think about it!
Stacy: "Hi Tracy, know what you're going to be for HALLOWEEN?"

Tracy: "Well, I have this really short skirt..."

Stacy: "Great. Mark or some other guy will want to pork you if you wear it."

Tracy: "Yeah, I'll probably get porked, either by Mark or by a different person. After all it's HALLOWEEN."
by whynot porker November 01, 2007

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