a situation, person, or activity that creates feelings of uneasiness
The lady smelling the cats anus was Halloween.
by Kumar&Pablo August 02, 2009
a misfits song, of which afi did a cover..and a much better job.
candy apples and razor blades/little dead are soon in graves/i remember halloween
Annual celebration of the demon world, most popular in the U.S. by multitudes of ignorant populus.
I banged her backstage at Freeker's Ball on Halloween
by larstait October 09, 2003
(1)The only night of the year that the JUGGALOS can roam the streets knocking off the heads of little rich kids.
(2)The rising of the dead in celebration of the psychopathic.
Halloween Oct. 31, 2006. On this night my city will fill with fog, the ghosts and ghouls will haunt, mummies and zombies will do the clown walk, the hatchet man we'll throw it up, patron bottles we'll drink them up which makes them neden holes open up to the public. no bach bach K here man.
by Dalvir916 AKA LJ August 31, 2006
A day were i get to dress up as anthing i want and cary aplayboy and say its part of my costume
Id like to squish those
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
A day in November (I think) when everyone gets happy over monsters, The other 364 days a year kids do not like monsters.

Halloween is widely supported, but a few people do not enjoy this holiday:
- Church people
- Real monsters
- Tom W
Felix: Uh, Yay! Happy halloween Tom.
Tom: Burh, Bhalloweens is bstupid.bolololololo!
Felix:bolololololo to you too!
by SuckOnThisMdear January 25, 2009
a joyous occasion where little children recieve candy and then choke on the yummy little poop nuggets found inside
Mommy, im choking on the poop nuggets! ARGH!!!!
by Funkmaster Dumbass October 28, 2003

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