A bastardised Christian version of the original Irish Pagan/Celtic harvest festival, All Hallows Eve. A celebration where it was believed that supernatural forces were at their strongest so people would dress up in ghoulish costumes and parade around to scare off the the spirits of the dead.
I dress up for halloween but I have nfi why.
by idlehands October 31, 2004
It's a song by the punk band called the Misfits they made two of them. Halloween I and II. Go and buy their albums..
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
"Hallowed Night" or "All Hallows Night". It's the National Day of Candy, that's not easter. Known for it's Trick or Treating and dress ups.
by G-Union October 30, 2003
freaky movie
boo! its a movie
by trinbin October 29, 2003
A day when kids go out and collect candy. Many kids dress up and reflect upon their parents. Others are so ugly, they are made, by the goverment, to wear a mask the entire year. Hobos can rely on the food to last thier life span.
Hey, Homefrog, you going trick or trating this year.
by Homefrog October 29, 2003
halloween is a time when u steal ur neighbors pumpkins and carve then and then sneak out ur window at 2am and put it back! its a time when u have no school and u use chalk and write in ur 16 yr. old neighbors driveway to embarass him with weird saying and drawings..its a time where u wear the same clothes for like 4 days and ur hair in a messy bun rly highh.. its a time when u go to a haunted house and choke ur friends bc ur so scared and when u lose ur tickets bc ur running so fastt...its a time when u wear little halloween ribbons in ur hair.and at work the only thing u bag is halloween candy. its a time when u see weird signs on ppls. doors that say "you've been booed" and when moms pull out there old uncomfortable sweaters with ghosts and pumpkins sewed onto them! god i love halloween!
halloween is SWEET! and sometimes it makes u do crazy things!
by lauren's brain October 29, 2006
a holiday where kids make there parents spend lots of money on costumes and then go door to door expecting candy when all they get is cheap chocolate from the Easter Bunny so they can go home and get food posioning
Mom I dont want that candy, its from Halloween.
by (insert evil laugh here) October 28, 2003

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