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An Actress that completely has no talent whatsoever, She was in the most horrible movie of 2004 Catwoman Which just flat out sucked.

She's a spoiled stupid little chauvnistic brat who thinks she can sleep with anything or anyone. She really needs to pull the butt plug out of her ass. Rejected the role for Storm in X-men, because she wasn't getting enough airtime... What's that say? It says she need attention because she's a skank. For a better definition of her see Gutter Slut

1. To Shit on.

2. To pas gas in public.

3. An Actress who likes butt sex.

4. Another meaning for Skank.
1. Man I just took a Halle Berry on ym girlfriend.

2. "Oh my god Becky!" "What?" "That girl just Halle Berried next to me!" "That Fucking Halle Berry!"

3. Halle Berry has no talent.

4."Shut up you stupid Halle Berry hoebag!
by DontbeHatin April 27, 2005
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