noun - a week off of marriage.
Man: "Wait, you're giving me a hall pass?"
Woman: "Yes, a week off of marriage."
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by Wilky Dickens II February 22, 2011
Top Definition
This version of "Hall Pass" does not refer to being a student and school days gone-by. In this version it refers to the permission given to go out with the guys (instead of fulfilling either girlfriend or wife duties / obligations / quality time / etc). The Hall Pass can come in half-day, full-day or even hourly increments. It is something to be prized, cherished and used judiciously for it is not an easy thing to obtain. It can only be obtained by verbal (or written) consent from said girlfriend or wife.
Mike E. Me told the guys he had gotten a hall pass for the opening Friday in March for the NCAA tourney. He was quite happy cause he had been planning this for sometime and his wife finally approved and granted him the pass (a full day one to boot!)

Craig called up the gang and sadly informed them that he would not be joining them at the race-track this coming Saturday. He couldn't get the hall pass, not even for a few hours.
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by Bobby "Kuch" Kucheravy February 22, 2008
Permission given by your lover to fool around with another person outside your relationship.
Guy #1: "Dude my girlfriend gave me a free pass to sleep with another chick."

Guy #2: "Aw dude she gave you a hall pass?"
#cheating #open relationships #man-whore #slut #affairs
by Nolan Thackett February 28, 2010
Noun: An imaginary pass or permission slip, granted by one's spouse, BF, or GF to go out socially with friends.

This colloquial phrase did NOT imply any romantic or sexual encounters. It pre-dated the 2010 comedy film ("Hall Pass") by several decades. This definition relates to adults. This phrase is commonly used by people who attended US schools in the 1960's - 80's.

SYN: see "Permission Slip" and "Kitchen Pass"
Ex: Jeff told Dave that he had two tickets for the middleweight boxing match on this coming Saturday. He asked Dave if he wanted to come to the match. Dave replied, "Let me get back to you on that, I'm not sure if Susan will give me a Hall Pass to go out this Saturday night."
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by Victor Pasqual March 10, 2011
A week off from marriage to do whatever you want without consequences.
Guy 1:
I am headed off to Vegas for a week of unbridled debauchery and serious shananigans.

Guy 2:
What? Did you get a Hall Pass from your wife?

Guy 1:
Yes, actually I did.

Guy 2:
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by MTF February 25, 2011
A certain amount of time that is given to the male in a relationship by the female to do whatever he wants with friends of him without consequences (including sex, drinking, etc.).
Male: "Can I have a hall pass this weekend, Babe?"

Female: "Sure, but don't get in too much trouble."
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by Prehab May 04, 2014
term used for someone so good looking, your significant other can't keep you from them; a free pass; usually used for celebrities
Angelina Jolie is so hot that if I had the chance to meet her, my wife will give me a hall pass
#hook up #swinger #celebrity #celebrities #actors
by Patrick November 07, 2007
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