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A human being originated from Halfrica. Half and Half, Oreo... etc...
OH shit. Marcus we have to go back to Halfrica before the whites take down KFC...

Halfricans may talk oddly.
by PLLPLPPLLPPL July 03, 2012
1 1
Half black and half of another race usually white.
Quarter mil for bail 'cause I'm halfrican.
by mikeee January 25, 2005
345 66
Half Black, Half Other Race
Will, your a halfrican
by BongWaterBob September 09, 2003
154 49
a white/african american mixed person
Thats a hot halfrican chick, I'd do it.
by BLAHHHH November 15, 2003
97 45
Half Black other half somethin else
Black and french
by D December 08, 2003
62 27
A person whose nationality consists of 50% African and 50% something else.
Damn, that nigga lookin kinda pale. He must be a halfrican.
by Kaytene February 01, 2005
72 38
Half African, half another race
Guy 1: Look at that Mulatto kid
Guy 2: You mean that Halfrican?
Guy 1: Yeah w/e
by Darius571 March 21, 2008
46 14
A person who is half AFRICAN (not just black) and half anything else (including black or any other race).
she got a halfrican booty with that long indian hair too, daaaaaayum.
by MattyFelp June 02, 2007
18 8