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a person who is half black and half white.
Seal and Heidi Klum's children are halfrican americans.
by meglisha March 01, 2008
14 10
Someone that is half-black and half-white, but tends more toward the white.
Jesse Jackson, in commenting on the Don Imus vs. Rutgers Womens Basketball team dispute, talks about "racial terminology", and cites Halle Berry having been described as "Halfrican-American".
by Flygirl April 11, 2007
7 5
African-American who has white parents, one or both, but refer only to their black heritage.
Barack Obamas and Halle Berrys are Halfrican-American.
by Greggor MacGreggor; TLK August 06, 2008
7 6
One who is half-white and half-black not making them fully black.
That chick is Halfrican American
by DizzyLizzy January 31, 2007
14 17
The descriptive that brings attention to the large number of Americans which are of mixed descent. Deflates the notion that a single ethnic origin can adequately define any of us. I coined this word in 9/27/05 at engrish.com
"My son's Dad was black and his Mom was Swedish. He's a Halfrican American."
by coffeebot January 25, 2007
9 32