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Promotional cardboard stand-up of Chad Knaus. It's design is to accommodate a the edge of a doorway or display stand so that Chad appears to be peaking out from behind it. Many have been signed for fans and used as prizes for promotional contests.
I went to Lowe's for some supplies and what did I see but Half-Chad peeking around the corner!

I'm so pumped; The Half-Chad I won on Twitter arrived in the mail today!
by alpinedigital July 09, 2011
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1.One who is not in possesion of full mental faculties, usu. due to self created environmental factors, such as bad diet, poor hygene, drug abuse, alchoholism, from being an extremely lazy thinker or an otherwise slacker.

2.A lazy, stupid, ineffectual, naive, complaining and demanding individual.

3.A weakling.
1 While on her show, Anna Nicole Smith was an unapologetic half-chad.

2 The unemployed 41 year old mama's boy, making a scene at the pizzaria over the price of the buffet was being a total half-chad.

3 My half-chad little sister can't do a single pushup.
by Pete Foreman February 02, 2007
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