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your half sibling's mother. The bitch that marries your dad, has kids with him, and then files a false protective order against him while he’s on the road working so his kids can have a decent life. Now cause of the bitch, your dad is on the road with nothing, your half sister becomes like her, and your half brother is addicted to medication cause of being influenced by his mother into thinking he’s sick. Your dad meets your mom, divorces the previous bitch, and you’re born; gets married to your mom. Your dad has to pay child support because the bitch half mother set a court date for child custody, but fled to another state and set another court date for child support; your father couldn’t show up because the bitch lied and said she didn’t know where he was located. Now as time flies your dad owes a shit load of money cause of not finding out about child support till many years later, your half brother’s old enough to make his own decisions so moves in with you, your half sister is identical in attitude to her bitch mother and stays with her; the bitch half mother gets on welfare so she doesn’t have to pay many expenses, then she fakes a handicap so she gets disability and doesn’t have to work.(continued)
Now your dad’s working his ass off to pay most of his check on child support, the half mother isn’t doing shit but gets lots of money to spend; she doesn’t spend child support money on children by the way, your dad gets a heart attack and surgery from overworking himself; he dies many times but is revived. When the heart situation’s all better, a new court day is set; your dad and half mother show up this time. The half mother bitches about money, dad’s attorney says she’s lucky she gets any period since the kids are adults. Bitch half mother gets mad; the issue is over; bitch gets no more money. Dad still has to pay child support though, just not near as much per check.
by Alchemic Dragon September 15, 2010
your half-brother's mother
Sam and Calvin have the same father but different mother's. Sam's mother Lydia is Calvin's half mother.
by UnaMalachica February 15, 2010
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