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outgoing, raymond-lover, long legged, ungraceful, gorgeous, soooo second-grade like, poops on peoples decks, likes long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. wonders why dogs have 4 legs and a snout. eats deoderant. pees in ears. plays with dog toys. prank calls people, accusing them of being rejected. loves to fart on gofers. love to rub other peoples asscheeks. considers herself weinerlicious. sells weed on the street in nyc, doubles as a prostitute. only costs $5 for one night. consider yourself lucky to meet her.
guy; omg, i totally got haleigh cavaliered last night.
friend; dude, you are the luckiest son of a mother i have ever met.
#weiner lover #coyboy #country singer #blue fedora wearer #bitch in disguise
by jesusmaryjosephgodlovesme May 30, 2009
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