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Haitian Pits are widely known in South Florida. It represents Haitian women who are widely known for not only NOT shaving their pussies but also not shaving their arm pits. It will be very hairy.. like a amazon forest with all the trees and leaves on it still. Going down on a Haitian women is basically going through a thick forest unprepared without a machete. You will get lost in there and poisonous snakes will wrap around your leg.

You may explain to a woman that in America they're supposed to shave their armpits but they act like you're speaking another language and keep the hair. It's so long they might as well braid it and have a real ponytail except one coming down their armpits like freaks.
A:Damn that bitch got the haitian pits!
B:What's that?
A: Hairy pussies only look good on Japanese girls and some white chicks. With black women it looks like a deadly forest to avoid.
by boozec September 12, 2010

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