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Unemployed Scot with a tiny penis who pierces his drunkenstud sized penis to make it seem somewhat normal.
Dude, you better get a job before someone does you in the ass HairyBudda style.

That is one of the smallest phallic pieces I have ever seen. You should get it pierced HairyBudda, HAHAHHAHA.
by Anonymous March 28, 2003
Fekin gay assed, Scottish, fuckin fuck fuck, dick-ringed homo ball grabber.
That dude over there with the fucking dick ring keeps trying to fondle my grundle. What a hairy-fucking-ass-budda.
by Shitcakes April 17, 2003
Flaming Scottish Homo with a dick ring
You're getting as bad as hairybudda
by Matt March 28, 2003