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Womans vaginal opening. So called because of an obvious likeness to the shape of an axewound in a womans vagina. Can only really apply if the vagina is unkempt and is hairy.

See Cunt or Pussy.
I bust my nut into your mums hairy axe wound last night.


Want me to stick my cock in your hairy axe wound?
by Sparky897 December 22, 2003
unkept ladies front bottom area.
"janets hairy axe wound was desperate for a trim"
by marco November 16, 2003
A pussy, vagina, cunt, love hole, hairy clam etc..
Ohhh sex
by Ron j October 01, 2003
dude, your grandma had the nastiest hairy axe wound. look like she was chopped with a rusty axe
by dr.frank December 19, 2006
A hairy vagina. ete. the hairy axewound like shape - obviously
I loved to taste her hairy axewound

Her minge looked like a hairy axe wound
by Olly the Sanchez April 27, 2003
a euphemism for a vagina. hairy, due to the pubic hair, and an axe wound, since the vagina forms a slit similar to the cut of an axe wound
i sure would like to place my penis in her hairy axe wound
by shingle May 31, 2007
Womans private parts
He booted her right in the hairy axe wound.
by hairyaxewound December 13, 2009
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