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When a woman seems receptive to physical interaction (fucking, sucking, fondling, etc.), but when you actually get down to it, she's real uptight about having sexy fun time and if you try she'll hurt your genitals.

A hairy cactus LOOKS soft and touchable, but if you try to play with it, you're gonna get a painful reminder.
Dude, I met this girl at the bar last night and she seemed down for some wild shit, but when I got her to my house she turned out to be a major hairy cactus, kicked me in the nuts and took off with my ipod!
by Joe Salone August 14, 2010
kimmy's hairy legs!!! yes thanks to kim's lovely family and friends she got that nickname
wow hairy cactus, I really want some cheese!!!
by Kimmy July 19, 2004
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