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A person (usually male, but sometimes female) who has a complete hatred and/or discontent with a woman’s genitals having pubic hair. He/she is usually the type of person who watches pornography on a consistent basis and then expects his/her girlfriend/wife to live up to the visual imagery of the women on screen.

This type of person often does not see a woman for who she is, but rather unfortunately, he/she sees a woman for who “she is not” and begins to demand that she shave her pubic hair to fit his/her desires and personal expectations.

In many cases women are generally already not comfortable with their body. In some sense women might have a certain “fear” for their natural state because pornography and razor companies have pushed the idea of what the female image should be. To add on to this, her boyfriend/husband who demands that she shave only adds to her frustration and her developing phobia of her own body’s normal state.

In quintessence, “Hairy pussy Phobia” exists in those who are apprehensive of the natural human body; in this case, dread of pubic hair. Individuals who have ‘Hairy Pussy Phobia’ will constantly try to justify their “preference” for the shaved ‘5-year-old-look’ on a woman. The justification responses for shaved vaginas have become very identical over the years to the point that now have developed into ‘programmed responses’.
Henry: “Wow, Jennifer is gorgeous. I would surely date her.”

David: “You’re right, she’s hot. But look at all that long hair.”

Henry: “What’s long hair supposed to mean?”

David: “Dude, if she has that much hair on her head, imagine how much she has down there.”

Henry: “So what? What’s wrong with that? Hair below on a woman is natural.”

David: “Well, I don’t like it hairy. She needs to shave her shit. I don’t want her hairs getting stuck in my mouth when I eat her out.”

Henry: “Bro, hair doesn’t get stuck in your mouth when you pleasure her. Where’d you get that from? That’s just a typical programmed response that comes from people who can’t appreciate a natural woman. Dude, you’ve got Hairy Pussy Phobia.”
by Black Brotha for Humanity January 09, 2010
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