shave off your pubes, then after you blow your load on her face, throw your pubes on her and she will look like abe lincoln.
four score and seven years ago, the woman got jizzed on and pubes thrown upon her face...
by spente200 May 02, 2005
Top Definition
Before engaging in rough sex, the man shaves his pubes and puts them in a pile within a reachable distance. Then the man blows his load all over his partners face right before he grabs and hurls his pubes so that they stick all over her visage, making her look like a hairy monkey.
I love you more than anything; please accept this hairy monkey as a token of my appreciation.
by UberBad March 17, 2005
A man that looks like he is wearing a sweater after he takes off his shirt.
Mike you are one hairy monkey! Could you please put your shirt back on now.
by Dagron May 01, 2005
Female/Male private area that as not been shaved for a period of time.
Boy: "hey babe im horny satisfy me with your pot of gold"
Girl: "come here"
Boy: " GOD DAMN you got that hairy monkey. I'm no longer horny let's watch a movie."
by neerg January 25, 2012
When a girl has an extremely hairy vagina
Brandon: dude when Crystal pulled her pants down last night i saw her hairy monkey!
by cookiemonster2222 May 25, 2014
for origin see Gorilla Mask
Yo your mom flipped out when I gave her the hairy monkey.
by Dion Chaz April 30, 2005
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