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Illusions of grandeur surrounding the appearance of stubble on an adolescent's chin and above the upper lip. The newfound presence of such hair may lead to an ill-placed sense of importance and svelteness. He may be compelled to attempt to let the facial hair grow out, resulting in the dreaded Mongolian Mustache (characterized by a wispiness only rivaled by Casey Affleck's career), or the equally terrible Hairy Sanchez (incomplete growth above the upper lip that looks like complete shit). Poorly groomed sideburns are also common symptoms of hairy hubris. Also consistent with the condition is the Howdy Mandel, the heart wrenching soul patch-douche fusion that says, "Hey, look at me! I'm cool and relevant!"
Like so many hipsters before them, Hugo, Kingston and Lennon were together complicit offenders guilty of hairy hubris, as well as misdemeanor salvia possession.
by swiss221 October 25, 2011