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A sad and lonely creature which somehow violates all laws of logic by being just as homophobic as it is homosexual. A Canadian closet Jew born in Miami, Brazil. Is usually seen mopping up - without utensils - at the local peep show. Moves often. Moves are often directly proportionate to international adult magazine selection at public library. Better known as the I-AM-SAP index.
Person A: "Wow, that Gay Canadian Hebrew just called me a fag!"

Person B: "Dude, relax, that's just Hairy Bean"

Person A: "Oh! How could I have missed the t-shirt of Armless Ali?! Wow, this is great!"

Person B: "Yeah, it means there is some kick ass I-AM-SAP within a 5 mile radius!"
by Captain Clutch December 23, 2003

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