person(s) with ridiculously trendy hair, such as bedhead-on-purpose, raggedy-shags, irony mullets, or sideburns that come lower than the nose.
Man that crowd at the Pattern last night was hairrible.
by flemertown March 06, 2003
Top Definition
To have a bad or terrible hair day.

Despite all best efforts, one's hair is frizzy, unruly, unwantingly dishevelled or otherwise not doing what is wanted.
1.atoll's) “I am having an absolutely hairrible day. Look at my hair, its a rats nest!"

2.) Girls staring down a random frenemy at the bar: “I can believe that she'd bother to show up here tonight. She looks hairrible with that frizz!"

3.) Boyfriend: “Baby are you ready to go yet? We're going to miss our dinner reservation."

Girlfriend: “I'm sorry hun, I'm having such a hairrible day. Go ahead and I'll meet you there once this hair is tamed."
by zesterday December 08, 2013
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