When a guys facial hair grows in a swirl.
"man i really gotta shave this playoff beard, look at this hairicane i got going."

"tyson obvoiously hasnt shaved in so long, his hairicane is out of control."
by Serahserahserah October 23, 2008
Top Definition
When the teacher you have pronounces hurricane wrong and is a complete idiot ; when the teacher has a bad hair day.
"Wow Mrs. Roberts is having a real hairicane today" said everyone in all her classes.
by Bettrthanu02 May 17, 2015
When your hair is as crazy as a hurricane, refers especially to the hair of teachers or older women
Janet's hair is a mess!
I know, she's having a Hairicane today
by Person_over_there May 20, 2015
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