A general term for untrained people willing to cut their own hair without regard for the outcome.
Barb got tired of her bangs being so long so she trimmed them in the mirror with a disposable razor. She's got hair balls!
by IowagirlBAM November 01, 2009
A common prison sex practice, where one inmate inserts his penis into the other inmate's often unshaved armpit. The term comes from the contact of the testicles to the armpit hair.
Prison Mike: C'mere, boy, lemme hair ball you.
by Puddingcup4110 October 18, 2009
see furball
ugh I gat a hairball in my throat.
by Chickenman June 12, 2003
adj. Anything thrillingly dangerous situation which evokes the feeling of needing to toss your cookies.
Man, that downhill run was hairball.
by Carole P November 11, 2007
An impossibly complicated and contrived situation or concept.
The user's understanding of computers was so wrongheaded as to be a hairball of ignorance and superstition, the origin of which may never be fully discovered or understood.
by thePenciler March 14, 2015

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