(hâr-bawl) - VERB

To direct a load-out from the back of a truck.
"Don't worry, you can fuller the load, he'll osier it and I'll just hairball it from here!"
by Crowdsurfer February 07, 2010
Top Definition
adj: Describing 1. a crazy situation. 2. unbelievable circumstances. 3. an odd series of events.

Also often accompanied by the adv., f**king. (i.e. f**king hairball)
1.) Man, I was driving on the highway last night and almost hydroplaned into the guardrail! It was f'ing hairball!

2.) I don't know what happened before I got to work, but Missy threw the coffee pot at the boss. It was hairball how she just nutted up.

3.) Dude did you read that hairball plan Johnson has for taking over the Asian market segment?
by Johnny Toxin December 04, 2007
What your cat pukes up Often in front of guests or during dinner. Or both
Muffins, our cat, walked in while we were having the revrend over for dinner and coughed up a hairball in his lap
by Mystic_Snowfang June 24, 2010
A Hair Ball is a method of smoking marijuana where the buds are rubbed together, which makes the thin red/brown hairs fall off. The hairs are then roll up into a ball with a rolling paper. It is then placed into the bong piece and smoked.
Hey man, wanna go hit some hair balls out of my bong later?
by legalguardian September 16, 2009
A guy with a lot of body hair.
That Mark is a real hairball.
by steviedee May 04, 2005
An annoying person. Usually indicates presumption, arrogance, grandiosity.
That hairball accosted me again, as if I could could care about his latest urgent need.
by Mudge9 July 04, 2009
Sometimes used as an affectionate name.
I love you, Hairball.
by HairballsAngel April 28, 2011

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