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When a HairDo turns bad it becomes a "HairDon't"
I just came back from the barber ... and look and my HairDon't.
by HvHvHv October 05, 2008
What you say when somebody changes their hair style over night and it looks rubbish, thus giving them the hint to change it back!
Marney's got a new hair don't!
Hey dude u got a new hair don't!
by halooooom March 07, 2006
An outrageous hairstyle that shoould be illegal to be worn in public.
Did you see Ty'Shene's smoke stack hair do... No girl that was a hair dont!
by Senica Harris August 09, 2006
An ill-conceived hairstyle, usually sported by professional football players. A particularly ridiculous but seemingly fashionable hair cut.
"Do you watch the world cup last night, did you see Ronaldo's new hair-don't?"
by Dunc Slamm June 22, 2014
A hair style that looks ugly. It derived from the term "hair do"
Shayla: u'z got a hair don't.
Maddelyn: o yea valerie got da wurs hair don't cuz hur hair be uglee.
by Luvicious July 15, 2011
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