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What you say when somebody changes their hair style over night and it looks rubbish, thus giving them the hint to change it back!
Marney's got a new hair don't!
Hey dude u got a new hair don't!
by halooooom March 07, 2006
17 8
When a HairDo turns bad it becomes a "HairDon't"
I just came back from the barber ... and look and my HairDon't.
by HvHvHv October 05, 2008
14 2
An outrageous hairstyle that shoould be illegal to be worn in public.
Did you see Ty'Shene's smoke stack hair do... No girl that was a hair dont!
by Senica Harris August 09, 2006
7 3
An ill-conceived hairstyle, usually sported by professional football players. A particularly ridiculous but seemingly fashionable hair cut.
"Do you watch the world cup last night, did you see Ronaldo's new hair-don't?"
by Dunc Slamm June 22, 2014
1 0
A hair style that looks ugly. It derived from the term "hair do"
Shayla: u'z got a hair don't.
Maddelyn: o yea valerie got da wurs hair don't cuz hur hair be uglee.
by Luvicious July 15, 2011
3 2