Not really caring or worry about a matter at hand. An person with long hair or no crispy cut doesn't care about how they look, so one would say Long Hair Don't care or simply "hair" for short.
Rob: Bro, your girl what totally hitting on some guy last night..."
Todd: I don't really care, its my Hair.

Hank: Class starts in 5 minutes man, you are about to be late again...
Elliott: It's really my hair, that class is retarded anyway.
by yoboyIU May 30, 2011
The only thing preventing you from giving your girlfriend a facial.
Beth: Don't cum on my hair! I just went to the hairdresser yesterday! *fixes hair*
Bill: (Bitch...)
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e February 12, 2008
In guitar terminology, 'hair' is a type of distortion that you get on an amp. It's a minor distortion that is in addition to the clean sound.
"There's just a little bit of hair on that, can ya hear it?"
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk January 08, 2005
not the normal definition of hair, rather pronounced with a certain crescendo. used to substitute everyday words such as where, or here.

also can be used to express excitement or to help point out irony in an otherwise non ironic situation.

finally, can be used to take a serious comment and make it random yet funny by substituting the serious part with the word hair.
me:Oh my god, that woman died of
me: no, aids.
by vishal singh February 05, 2008
People getting in the way or making too much noise in a cam.
Damit, there is hair all over this cam.
by Cuj05 January 03, 2007
stuff all around ur cock and ballas and stuff....of all different colors...some people have a lot of it an some people don't, pubes
1) there is hair on my balls, ew.
2) dude, put ur hair on ur balls away, dont show me that!
by homer simpson June 08, 2003
puss, tuss, snatch, usually a young, inexperience female who has never shaved that monkey.
"Aghh dude, I got some hair last night... wanna smell my fingers? I think it was the first time she was banged."
by tim's taint December 08, 2004
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