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The unfortunate act of accidentally vomiting on a woman's hairy vagina during vigorous cunnilingus, possibly as a result of rapidly ingesting both liquid and food, and the necessary bending of the body. A notable hair omelette contains limited fluids while retaining a certain drip along the labia, and its focus is on the undigested chunks, ideally remaining in place with the help of the pubic hair.
John#1: "Dude, what the hell happened with Emily the other night? I hook you up and now she's pissed at me!"

John#2: "Ugh... I'onno man. Got too excited with the drinking and partying... went down on her and shit turned into a hair omelette. Don't you hate it when that happens..."

John#1: "..."
by ForAllTheBeaversInTheWorld December 08, 2011
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