cute justlike eminem
cutist girl ever
by shelby July 09, 2003
Hailie Jade is the cutest little girl i have ever seen in my life! she is cute!!!!!
by amanda August 08, 2003
the cutest thing in tha whole world!!!
and also lucky cuzz her dad is tha finest guy ever!!! omfg!! eminem is fine!!!
by angie August 13, 2003
Hailie is the cutest little angel i have ever seen....shes lucky 2 have marshall 4 a dad, and hes lucky 2 have her as a daughter, im glad kim is sortta out of the pic shes not a very good influence on her OWN daughter, u would at least think shed try, Hailie's lucky she has such a great guy like Marshall 2 be there 4 her 24/7!
(Kim) (Marshall)(Hailie)
by Jenn January 20, 2004
Marshall Mathers/Eminem's daughter with Kimberly Ann Scott. She was born December 25th, 1995. She is Eminem's only biological daughter, but he has raised Alaina Marie, and Whitney since they were little . Alaina is Kim's druggie sister Dawn's daughter who Em and Kim took in. Whitney is Kim's from another relationship. Hailie is currently 14, and lives split custody : marshall and kim around Detroit, MI. (Oakland Township, MI)
Hailie Jade is the best thing that ever happened to Eminem, he loves her and she was his inspiration to stop using drugs/drinking (:
by KCL4515 February 15, 2010
Hailie Jade Scott. The daughter of Eminem and Kim Mathers. She was born on Christams day and is a very cute little girl.
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
Little Lady.
Eminem's christmas baby
by L January 06, 2005
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