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The Canadian equivalent of "making it rain"--throwing loonie ($1) and toonie ($2) coins as tips. May cause injury to performers.
We're hail storming at the gentlemen's club tonight
by ocanada December 31, 2011
When you celebrate taking a shot by taking another shot.
Oh nice shot man, let's hailstorm that and do it again!
by AnujSuper9 October 31, 2009
When a phenomena occurs without any planning or communication, and is executed perfectly by multiple participants as if planned.
John and Joe walk up to a control box with two buttons. John and Joe look at one another. Nod, say "Hailstorm." And then in unison push both buttons at the same time.

John and Joe walk up to a cliffside. John and Joe look at one another. Nod, say "Hailstorm." And they both jump into the water below at the same time.
by AnujSuper9 November 02, 2009
A threesome involving a woman spitting a load of cum from one dude onto the other guy.

More descriptive Explanation: Two gentlemen and one woman. The woman is giving one man a fellatio, while the other man starts complaining or isn't interested. Upon ejaculation into the woman's mouth, she then turns around to spit it at the other man. Bam, you're hit by a hail storm.
Shit, I just got hit by a hail storm....take cover.
by DenverStorm June 29, 2009
the act of being a total 1 upper, or trying to be the most extreme person in the world.
Hey did you see hailstorm clear that 6mi jump with his bike.
by 152sumos May 21, 2008